Race against time and flames in a high-octane firefighting adventure! Jump into your Firefighter Car and battle raging forest fires to save the day. Are you ready to be the ultimate Blaze Buster?

Game made for Games Job Fair Autumn 2023 - Unity Engine Programming Challenge.
Theme: "Create a game that puts a new twist on a classic concept".

Here the classic concept is car / racing game. But since the old theme, conservation, was also partially visible to me when I started this project, I thought it is part of the challenge. So I guess the twist here is that you race against wildfires and your goal is to extinguish them.

NOTE: This game is designed for desktop use. The browser version is more limited and some functions may not be supported, such as controllers. If the game is super laggy on browser, try another browser.

Level Edit Instructions as a downloadable txt file.

If controllers are detected, they'll be the first to control players. Next players will receive keyboard controls in order.

For example if there are two controllers: controller 1 is player 1, controller 2 is player 2, keyboard 1 is player 3 and keyboard 2 is player 4.

Steer - left stick
Gas - R2
Break & reverse - L1
Shoot water - R1
Respawn - Y / Triangle

Keyboard 1:
Move - WASD
Shoot Water - E
Respawn - Q

Keyboard 2:
Shoot Water - Num 0
Respawn - Num 1

Keyboard 3:
Move - UHJK
Shoot Water - I
Respawn - Y

Keyboard 4:
Move - Num 8456
Shoot Water - Num 9
Respawn - Num7


WildfireWarriorsWin_231015.zip 28 MB
Level Edit Instructions.txt 9 kB

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